Home Run Damage Report, 2014 NLCS and ALCS

For an introduction to Home Run Damage read this page.

This report covers games from the AL and NL Championship Series


Most damaging and fastest off the bat: Ryan Flaherty, 114.2 mph, 4.06 HRD

Most average and closest to straight center: Mike Moustakas, 81.8 degree exit angle, -0.47 HRD

Least damaging and slowest off the bat: Mike Moustakas, 97.5 mph, -2.19 HRD

Most towering: Alcides Escobar, 107 feet, -1.63 HRD

Most line drive: Adam Jones, 60 feet,  1.51 HRD


Most damaging and fastest off the bat: Travis Ishikawa, 109.7 mph, 1.83 HRD

Most Average Home Run (HRD closest to 0.00) and closest to straight center: Tony Cruz, 113.3 degree exit angle, 0.07 HRD

Least Damaging, slowest off the bat, and most towering: Joe Panik, 94.4 mph, 122 feet, -5.30 HRD

Most Line Drive: Kolten Wong, 55 feet,  0.11 HRD

Data from ESPN Home Run Tracker


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