2014 Regular Season Home Run Damage Report

For an introduction to Home Run Damage read this page.

I ran a home run damage report for every week this season, but what were the best and worst home runs this year? Enjoy!

Most Damaging: David Ortiz vs. Masahiro Tanaka on 4/22/2014 – 482 feet (Standard), 119.9 mph, 7.37 HRD

Longest True Distance: Mike Trout vs. Jason Vargas on 6/27/2014 – 489 feet, 113.4 mph, 5.76 HRD

Longest Standard Distance: Giancarlo Stanton vs. Eric Stults on 4/4/2014 – 484 feet, 118.8 mph, 7.15 HRD

Most Average Home Run (Tie): Giancarlo Stanton vs. Alex Wood on 4/29/2014 – 391 feet, 103.4 mph, 0.00 HRD

                                                                J.J. Hardy vs. Justin Masterson on 8/8/2014 – 391 feet, 103.4 mph, 0.00 HRD

Least Damaging: Nick Castellanos vs. Hector Noesi on 7/30/2014 – 313 feet, 90.8 mph, -6.00 HRD

(It surprised me to see this home run as the weakest and slowest this year. ESPN Home Run Tracker says this home run gained 38 feet due to wind and was a full mile per hour slower than the next slowest home run.)

Least Damaging (using True Distance): Chris Davis vs. Erik Bedard on 6/17/2014 – 318 feet, 93 mph, -5.30 HRD

Shortest True Distance: David Ortiz vs. Brad Peacock on 8/16/2014 – 318 feet, 95.4 mph, -4.75 HRD

Shortest Standard Distance: Jose Abreu vs. Chad Bettis on 4/8/2014 – 286 feet, 97.1 mph, -5.65 HRD

Fastest off the Bat: Zach Walters vs. Alex Cobb on 9/28/2014 – 406 feet, 122 mph, 4.84 HRD

Slowest off the Bat: Nick Castellanos vs. Hector Noesi on 7/30/2014 – 313 feet, 90.8 mph, -4.85 HRD

Most Towering: Corey Dickerson vs. Dan Haren on 9/16/2014 – 333 feet, 107 mph, 171 foot apex, -1.51 HRD

Most Line Drive: Nelson Cruz vs. Felix Hernandez on 7/25/2014 – 357 feet, 113.8 mph, 41 foot apex,  1.00 HRD

Data from ESPN Home Run Tracker


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