Home Run Damage Report, 2013 Week 5

For an introduction to Home Run Damage along with a list of all 2013 home runs, read this page.

This report covers games from Friday, April 26th through Thursday, May 2nd.

Most Damaging: Mark Trumbo, 6.83 – #1 in 2013, #8 overall

Least Damaging: Adrian Gonzalez, -4.17

Highest Perception Score*: Mark Trumbo, 225 HRP, 6.83 HRD

Lowest Perception Score: Dioner Navarro, -58 HRP, -1.47 HRD

*This is a new invention this week where I attempt to rank home runs based on how far it “looks like” it went. I will explain it at a greater depth on Monday at Beyond the Box Score.

Fastest off the Bat: Mark Trumbo, 120.1 mph, 6.83 HRD

Slowest off the Bat: Brennan Boesch, 94.6 mph, -3.23 HRD

Most Towering: Josh Willingham, 143 feet, -0.91 HRD

Most Line Drive: Domonic Brown, 47 feet, 0.58 HRD

Closest to straight center: Howie Kendrick, 89.9 Degree Exit Angle, -0.20 HRD

Walk-off: Brandon Moss, 4/29/13, -2.69 HRD

First Career Home Run: Joe Mahoney, 1.71 HRD; Nolan Arenado, 1.08 HRD; Jedd Gyorko, -1.64 HRD; Hector Gimenez, -1.79 HRD

Data from ESPN Home Run Tracker


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