Home Run Damage Report May 21st, 2012

For an intro to Home Run Damage along with a list of all 2012 home runs, read this page.

Most Damaging: Giancarlo Stanton, 6.61 – #1 in 2012, #11 overall

Stanton’s HR last night was the 11th most damaging out of over 30,000 home runs hit since 2006. It was the fastest off the bat of the entire data set, just edging out Wladimir Balentien’s 122.3 mph on October 2nd, 2009. However, the distance was “only” 462 feet, so it gets 2.5 points of damage for distance and 4.1 points for speed.

Least Damaging: Jed Lowrie, -1.89

Fastest off the Bat: Giancarlo Stanton, 122.4 mph, 6.61 Damage – Fastest off the bat in 2012

Slowest off the Bat: Jed Lowrie, 97.5 mph, -1.89 Damage

Highest Apex: B.J. Upton, 117 feet, 0.49 Damage

Upton’s HR went up in the air and hit “something” and came down deep in center field. The umpires actually used deductive reasoning to call this a home run, since they knew it went past the B ring, which is in play. They knew it didn’t hit the D ring, so they deduced that it hit either the C ring or a catwalk, which is ruled a home run.

Lowest Apex: Ian Desmond, 60 feet, 2.04 Damage

Closest to straight center: B.J. Upton, 90.6 Degree Exit Angle, 0.49 Damage

Walk-off: None

First Career Home Run: Mike Leake, -1.35 Damage

Data from ESPN Home Run Tracker


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