2012 Washington Nationals Consensus Top 30 Prospects


I have created a cumulative prospect list for each team based on other (more knowledgeable) peoples’ lists. Each time a prospect appears on a list, he gets a number of points (21 minus his ranking). The prospect with the largest amount of points is ranked first. I will be posting each team once they have been completed by all of my sources. You can find a link to all of the other teams top prospects on the Team Prospects page. Clicking on the links below will take you to the team’s list on each respective site.

Three of the lists were not updated to account for the A.J. Cole, Brad Peacock and Derek Norris trade. In order to account for this, I deleted each prospect’s ranking from each list and re-ranked the players below him. The points are still added up in the same way as before.

I included another column to the table named “Con. Rank,” which is the consensus overall ranking of each prospect, as compiled by me.

Lists with reports

Baseball America (scouting reports for subscribers)

Baseball Instinct


Baseball Prospect Nation

Bullpen Banter

Fangraphs (scouting reports for top 10)

John Sickels

Jonathan Mayo

Kevin Goldstein, Baseball Prospectus (scouting reports for top 11 for subscribers)

MLB Dirt

MLB Prospect Portal

Outside Corner

Perfect Game

Other lists

Beyond the Box Score

Keith Law, ESPN (Subscription required)

Top Prospect Alert

The List

Rank Player Total Con. Rank
1 Bryce Harper 340 1
2 Anthony Rendon 323 15
3 Alex Meyer 293 126
4 Brian Goodwin 285 175
5 Sammy Solis 250 159
6 Matt Purke 240 166
7 Steve Lombardozzi 217 #N/A
8 Destin Hood 214 #N/A
9 Robbie Ray 160 #N/A
10 Michael Taylor 132 #N/A
11 Chris Marrero 90 #N/A
12 Matt Skole 89 #N/A
13 Tyler Moore 72 #N/A
14 Zach Walters 42 #N/A
15 Eury Perez 41 #N/A
16 Kyle Turnbull 31 #N/A
17 Dan Rosenbaum 28 #N/A
18 Josh Smoker 23 #N/A
19 Dave Freitas 20 #N/A
20 Jeff Kobernus 18 #N/A
20 Taylor Hill 18 #N/A
22 Paul Demny 15 #N/A
22 Jason Martinson 15 #N/A
24 Wirkin Estevez 14 #N/A
25 Rick Hague 12 #N/A
26 Kevin Keyes 11 #N/A
27 Sandy Leon 9 #N/A
28 Cole Kimball 8 #N/A
29 Taylor Jordan 7 #N/A
30 Justin Bloxom 2 #N/A

Here is a spreadsheet that contains all of the Washington Nationals team rankings in one place.
And this page links to all of the different team’s rankings from all of the sites.


One Comment on “2012 Washington Nationals Consensus Top 30 Prospects”

  1. […] the internet, including ones from Baseball America and ESPN’s Keith Law, the baseball blog Steal Of Home ranked Freitas as the 19th best prospect in the Nationals’ […]

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