Using BARBI to Vote for the NL MVP

Yesterday, I posted a tongue-in-cheek look at the Michael Young for MVP vote using a wonderful (read: completely terrible) statistical tool that I invented called BARBI. I received a request from Anonymous (no, not that anonymous) to do the same with the National League and I couldn’t resist the urge to do so. Once again:


BARBI = (Batting average*1000+RBI)*(1+Positions Played/10)

Top 10:

And who do you think should be MVP? Emilio Bonifacio the utility infielder, I swear to God. Bonifacio rises to the top, mostly on the strength of the six positions he played this year. Talk about versatility. However, he only received more than 100 plate appearances in one of the lineup spots, so now I’m conflicted. Now obviously, this would be an insane pick for MVP. Anyone who voted a player who was as valuable to his team as Bonifacio was to the Marlins in 2011 would be the laughingstock of forever. I shall present the following data without comment*:

*I hate it when people say “without comment.” They obviously are attempting to say something, they just don’t want to be brutally honest. For instance in this case I am obviously trying to say that Bonifacio was roughly as valuable to the Marlins as Young was to the Rangers and that a vote for Michael Young as MVP in 2011 is like a vote for Emilio Bonifacio. But yet I don’t say it. Odd.


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