Frank McCourt Selling the Dodgers? – Team Winning Percentage by Owner Era

As you may well know, the Los Angeles Dodgers have been mired in a controversy for quite a while. Frank and Jamie McCourt, the controlling owners of the team decided to get a divorce and the baseball team has been at the heart of all of it. If you’re interested in reading all about it, check out Wikipedia’s article. Also, the blog Dodger Divorce has been keeping track of the daily happenings.

As of last night November 1st, Frank McCourt has agreed to sell the Dodgers. According to the LA Times, “Baseball hopes a new Dodgers owner can be in place by opening day next year.” Off the field, McCourt has apparently been using the Dodgers as a personal piggy bank and doing as he pleases with the money gained from parking, ticket sales and concessions. But what has his tenure looked like on the field?

I split up the Dodgers history into ownership eras. During each of these eras there was more than one owner, but I tried to focus on the one person or group that either owned most of the team or seemed to have the most control. I also marked every time the Dodgers went to the playoffs (black diamond outline), won the pennant (solid black diamond) and won the World Series (solid blue square). The data come from baseball-reference and wikipedia.

The team winning percentage under McCourt is fairly consistent with how the team has performed since Peter O’Malley took over in 1980. They made the playoffs four times, but never won a World Series. Obviously, the team is nowhere near the Dodgers of the 40s through 70s, but not many teams can average a winning percentage of .568 over the span of 40 years.


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