Theo Epstein’s Transaction History with the Boston Red Sox

Theo Epstein is rumored to be leaving the Boston Red Sox to become the General Manager for the Chicago Cubs this offseason. There will be plenty of conjecture about his tenure in Boston, how he decided to leave and whether or not either team will be better with or without him. I personally believe the Cubs have now become very dangerous in the National League Central Division and that the Red Sox will be just fine.

Anyway, I decided that the best way to really view Epstein’s history with the Red Sox is to look at all his transactions while in charge there. Then, I realized I didn’t have any idea how to best look at this. So, as a service to my fellow baseball writers, I present a spreadsheet with as many of the trades, signings and draft picks Epstein made as the general manager of the Boston Red Sox as I could gather together. The trades and signings come from MLB Trade Rumors Transaction Tracker (thanks to RJ Anderson for showing me this). The draft pick information comes from Baseball-Reference’s Draft section.

The trades and signings are completed as much as was possible from the MLBTR website. A lot of the contract information is missing.

If you’re going to use this document, please give a link back here so others can find it as well. Thanks! If you click on the link, you can choose File, Download As to use it on your computer.

There are four different sheets: Trades, Signings, Draft Picks and GM Profile. You can view these by switching to the matching tab on the bottom of the document (as in excel)

Without further ado, here is the link to the Google Doc, Theo Epstein’s Transactions.



9 Comments on “Theo Epstein’s Transaction History with the Boston Red Sox”

  1. Underwhelming list of players

  2. @Damon Underwhelming because it only figures in trades. Free agent signings are not included and there were a ton of those.

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  4. Oh I didn’t see the draft/free agents

  5. Rich says:

    That list isn’t even complete. It’s missing the Mike Lowell/Josh Beckett trade for one.

  6. Tom says:

    On David Pinto’s baseballmusings blog he says that Mike Port was responsible for the Ortiz signing. Since the Bill Mueller signing was before Ortiz I’m wondering if Epstein didn’t make that one either.

  7. […]  For a comprehensive history of Theo’s transactions while with Boston, check out Steal of Home, which also links to a Google doc (a couple of transactions might have been missed, like the Edgar […]

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