Projected Two-Thirds Season MLB Statistical Leaders

We’re two-thirds of the way through the 2011 MLB season. That means it’s time to multiply everything by 1.5 and see what happens! I did this at a third of the way and halfway through the season as well.

I have included the current MLB record along with the projected number for the leader in each category. I did this by taking the total games played for each player’s team and extrapolating their current stats based on that.


Statistic Record Current Pace Leader(s)
AVG 0.440 0.356 Adrian Gonzalez
AB 716 677 Melky Cabrera
PA 778 748 Dustin Pedroia
H 262 233 Adrian Gonzalez
1B 225 153 Adrian Gonzalez
2B 67 51 Ben Zobrist
3B 36 24 Jose Reyes
HR 73 47 Jose Bautista
R 192 145 Curtis Granderson
RBI 191 136 Adrian Gonzalez
BB 232 126 Jose Bautista
IBB 120 27 Prince Fielder
SO 223 207 *2 tied, see below
HBP 51 30 Carlos Quentin
GDP 36 35 Adrian Gonzalez
SB 130 58 Michael Bourn
CS 42 24 Juan Pierre

*SO Leaders: Adam Dunn, Drew Stubbs


Statistic Record Current Pace Leader(s)
W 59 24 CC Sabathia
L 48 20 *2 tied, see below
CG 75 11 James Shields
ShO 16 6 *2 tied, see below
SV 62 49 Brian Wilson
HLD 40 41 Tyler Clippard
IP 680 272 Justin Verlander
H 772 256 Chris Carpenter
ER 291 122 Bronson Arroyo
HR 50 45 Bronson Arroyo
BB 289 95 *2 tied, see below
HBP 54 15 *2 tied, see below
WP 63 20 A.J. Burnett
BK 16 5 Cole Hamels
SO 513 267 Justin Verlander

*L Leaders: Jeremy Guthrie, Hiroki Kuroda
*ShO Leaders: Cliff Lee, Derek Holland
*BB Leaders: A.J. Burnett, Trevor Cahill
*HBP Leaders: Jon Lester, Randy Wolf


Adrian Gonzalez and Albert Pujols continue to challenge the grounded into double play record and Tyler Clippard is closing in on the holds record. Bronson Arroyo is close to the home runs allowed record, but probably won’t reach it.

Kevin Correia has dropped to seventh on the wins leaderboard.


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