How Good of an Offensive Metric is OPSBI?

Update: Just so everyone is clear: I do not agree with the concept of adding RBIs to OPS. If you are looking for a “quick stat,” I recommend looking at OPS all by itself; it does a fine job. The purpose of this was to simply look at OPSBI and see how well it correlates with a more advanced statistic.

Last night, Jim Bowden put up a post on, wherein he created a new stat called OPSBI. Basically, you take the OPS of a player, multiply it by 1000 and add RBI to it. I can honestly say I’ve never thought of doing this, but let’s see how it stacks up to an advanced hitting metric like Fangraphs batting runs. I took only players with greater than 1500 plate appearances in the past three years. This provides a 133 player sample. Here ya go:

(Click picture to make it larger)

R^2 of 0.84 with batting runs? Not as terrible as you may think.


6 Comments on “How Good of an Offensive Metric is OPSBI?”

  1. Nick says:

    Yeah but if you just use .OPS it’s like .98. Why muddy the waters?

    • Chris St. John says:

      Because the more letters in a metrics name, the better it is? I am in no way agreeing with the concept of adding RBI to OPS, I just thought it was interesting to show that it actually does correlate pretty well to offensive output.

      • Stephen says:

        Well, yeah, of course it does. It’s based 90% on OPS. It’s like mixing beer and water, with a 90/10 beer/water ratio, then saying “see, this gets you drunk 90% as effectively as beer!”

  2. […] Curt Schilling’s stat PDF with FIRE I recently did this with Jim Bowden’s OPSBI and it was too much fun to not do this […]

  3. […] Anyway, it doesn’t matter. This was simply one vote in one season that will be forgotten easily. So instead of continuing a discussion about this particular vote, I have decided to create a framework by which all future MVP voting should follow. I call it the BARBI system and I would be remiss if I did not thank Jim Bowden for his inspiration. […]

  4. […] Evidently OPSBI was created by Jim Bowden. Its OPS*1000 + RBI. I'm not sure why you'd use it instead of other stats but there it is, the top secret Twins hitter stat is basically the half breed bastard of an already half bread bastard. […]

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