Two Out Rally – Game Review

Two Out Rally (2OR) is an online baseball role-playing game (RPG) housed at The game opened for alpha testing in May of 2010 and has been in beta testing since fall of the same year. Since it is still in beta testing, features are constantly being added. However, 2OR is still robust and chock-full of fun for any baseball or RPG fan.

Two Out Rally Home Screen


The “currency” of the game is called influence. A new scout receives 300 influence, which is enough to create a player and still have 100 influence left over. Influence is also available for purchase for as little as $2.50. However, there are also opportunities to win influence for free.

Create a Player

The backbone of the game is the Create a Player system. The “scout” (that’s you) can create a player from scratch. You pick their name, height, weight, position, handedness, hometown, background and personality. You can even upload a picture and make your player look like whatever you want. Also, you can write a 600 character biography for your player, if you are interested in creating a story for them.

There are currently two types of leagues to join: open and casual. The casual league ignores a few of the more in-depth features of the game. Once a player is signed to a team, the games start! Five games are simulated per night at 12 AM CST. The output is currently just play-by play text with a box score and win probability graphs, but work is underway to create a visual replay system.

When you sign with a team, you sign a contract. The money you earn goes towards training, which will give you benefits as you gain levels.

Your player will level up in accordance with well how your team does. The more games you win, the more experience you gain. As you gain levels, you can add skill points to any of 12 skills. For pitchers, the skills include things like stamina, induce popup and power. For hitters, skills include things like line drive, pull and speed.

The statistics are my favorite part of the game. They track all of the traditional statistics: pitcher wins, runs, RBI, etc. But some more in-depth statistics are also tracked, such as LD%, BABIP and FIP. Eventually, statistics like UZR and WAR will also be tracked, once there is enough information on the game environment.

Create a Team

If simply creating players isn’t enough for you, you can create a team as well. This costs 500 influence initially and 400 influence per season. A season lasts about about two months. Each team has a salary cap under which they are allowed to sign players. You can set lineups, order your bullpen, select your starting pitchers and make trades.

As a team owner, you also make money as the games are played. Most of this money goes to paying the players, but you can also purchase upgrades that either increase your earnings or give your players better free training options.

Two Out Rally is full of features, with more being added constantly. It also allows for a range of people from those who want to spend just a few minutes a day on it to those who want to spend hours. So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and sign up!

*Full disclosure: I am a moderator at Two Out Rally and receive non-monetary benefits from the position.

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